December 17, 2005

¿Donde están mis pantalones?

Really man, where ARE my pants?

Ah, lord. It's a week till Christmas. IT'S A FRIGGIN WEEK!!! I am starting to hate Christmas, and here are the reasons why:
  • Christians. They always find something new to complain about around the time they are supposed to be the happiest. And I am one. Gross.
  • Tim. Is driving me CRAZY with his gift hints!!! Ah, I do it to him too, it's the eternal curse of being package shakers.
  • My parents. Being wise to my package shaky-ness and not putting any gifts for me under the tree until the night of, because they know I'll snoop and poke and do all in my power to figure out what it is.
  • White trash. I still have to make 10 bags of it.
  • Piss.
  • That waiting. It never ends!!!
  • I have to go to church on Christmas day (on Christmas day, I cut my own head off my neck on Christmas day in the mooooor-ning)
  • My number one reason...I have nothing to complain about. And Millie without a major crisis to deal with is a very weirded out Millie.

So, yeah...ah, crick in my neck from computer chair that sucks. Oh!! Check out this chair that Whitney and I found today!!! It's so beautiful!!! It's at the top too, in case you didn't notice (yeah right, its kinda hard to miss...)

Last bit...

Of air.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Kabanna said...

i msorry millie. i ate your pants.
they were really rather tasty.
especially with some hot sauce.

yes, all the christmas drama.
it gets rater annoying.
apparently, my mom hasn't bought me anything yet.
i feel so loved.

(uhakrvsp......thats a weird one)


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