March 28, 2005

Hope is born as love is worn on a sleeve of white and red

Words cannot express how completely beautiful, happy, content, and most of all, IN LOVE I feel!!!

The English language doesn't stretch far enough.

God, I'm so in love with this boy.

March 27, 2005

Experienced Love

I've got blood on my hands and fear in my heart
And somehow I know
I'll stop and then start
So before you can promise
Just answer me this...
Can you love only a kiss?

I'm not talking about soulmates
Or lives spent together
I'm just asking you
For a very small favor
So please, my love, answer me this...
Can you love only a kiss?

After it's given it won't go away
It's memories come
Go through your day
Your heart seems to break
As you make your lists
I guess it's possible
You're in love with a kiss. Not directed at anyone...thats different for me. I'm in the process of making a serious kick-ass piece of art, and as of now I am letting the paint dry :)))) I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

And I send out Tims Easter thing tomorrow, that makes me really happy too :)

Isn't life completely sweet?

*pick yer noooose!* gah!

March 25, 2005

Well well well

Looks like someone's finally shown his true colors.

I don't know why...but I had a feeling that he couldn't be trusted...

My God what an ass.

It makes me really glad that I followed my heart and stuck with Tim. I love this boy so much, and I know that he'd never play mind games with me, or try to hurt me, or any of the crap that Pi-I'm sorry, "Digi" is pulling now. That makes me so angry, that someone thinks he's good enough to hurt other people. I hate kids like that.

I just wish I'd have realized it sooner.

Here's a quote from their band "We don't like emo kids because they're usually very negative and we try to promote positivity" yeah. Promote positivity by putting down emos and having merchandise that says junk like "emos suck". Real positive.

Real stupid.

I will never understand why people are the way they are.

I'd cry for him, but in truth, tears are too precious to waste on someone who has no heart.

March 21, 2005

Heres to death and a bleeding head...

The mother fuckers cut down my trees.

I smella me sum pretzels!


I found the coolest little geometry-jigger and it drew Africa! YAY!!!!!!!

Uh-oh, authority figure!!!


March 14, 2005

If you want to destroy me


Just do what you're doing now.

March 11, 2005


My leg is dead.

I didn't believe Tim when he said that it hurt to drive long distances...oooooh leg really hurts...

But my heart is in tip-top condition :)

And it always will be.

March 08, 2005

I'm taking on the world

Haha, love love love...



For everyone.

But especially for Tim.


love love love.

I am captivated, I am Vindicated,
I am selfish, I am wrong
I am right, I swear I'm right
Swear I knew it all along
I am flawed
But I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now
The things you swore you saw yourself...
My hope...
Dangles on a string...
Held tightly in your fist.

March 05, 2005

the surrealism of a blue 4-2

My hands smell nice.

I know you guys were just dying to be told that. Today was really good, I got some much needed R&R and got to eat with my dad at El Paso(I couldn't believe I got him to go to a mexican restaurant) and talk for awhile about everything.

Do high school kids just set a certain time where they're gonna break up with their significant others? Cuz it's happening, and frequently.

Well, I'm gonna go watch some movies and eat some gobstoppers. Lova!

March 04, 2005

Up to heaven and past Avalon

Holy Canoly!!!

I had the most amazing day...izzle!!!

Hehe, I think J.T. and Kevin are rubbing off on me.

Leah:"Sometimes the world just makes you feel so small..."
Me:"Yeah, well, it's a whole lot bigger than you so I guess so."


What now bizotches?!?!?! Whoooooodywhooo!!!

God I had a good day!

March 03, 2005

Border, what border?


My God, life is sweet.

March 02, 2005


I found this in my trenchcoat pocket, I wrote it a long time ago but I like it so it's gonna be on here now...

Sad poetry
Fills a notebook
Speaks to none
But me
Small cuts
fill my heartspace
Hurting none
But me
Passionate flames
Lick at my soul
Seen by none
But me
Short scenes
Play through my mind
Anguish for none
But me
Your voice
Echoes inside
Whispers for none
But me
Your eyes
Pulling me in
Love for none
But me