August 31, 2005


If I had one word to describe life, it would be...


If anyone ever thinks abiut it, you can't possibly be just one mood all the time. You can't be always happy, or always depressed, or always dull, you're gonna have those beautiful shining moments where everything goes tumbly and the world flips upside down and you let your other side shine through. It's beautiful. Sometimes it's the weather, sometimes it's a friend, and sometimes it's falling in love that does it.

I'm just really happy it happened to me.

August 29, 2005


I say I can hold my own...

But sometimes these days last forever.

I got yelled at by Collette today. God, he sucks so much. I hate being yelled at. And the day went sownhill from there. I hate television, and feeling discouraged, and I hate the past. I never want to think about the past again. I want it to go away. Unfortunately, the past is the people who walk the same hallways I do.


August 28, 2005

"dadadadadada WHOOHOO!!!!!!"

traveling traveling traveling CLIFF CLIFF rolling rolling rolling RIVER RAPIDS CURRENT BIG ROCK BOOM float float float float float float float meander meander meander WATERFALL!!!!!!! WATERFALL WATERFALL WATERFALL WATERFALL BIIIIIG ROCK NOTHER CLIFF die.

You ever been so bored that you find yourself just thinking about how great life is?
Me too.

August 27, 2005

I was once sublime...

I wrote something, but I don't think I'll put it on here.

I hate ants.

And I'm not going to change.


But not really

August 25, 2005

Oh man, life's so rad...

I had an amazing first day :)

The classes will be hard, but super fun...
The teachers are great
And it still smells like High School.

Funny...I remember things by how they smell.

Abby smells like incense (I think I spelled that wrong)
Leah smells like bath & body works and stairs.
Anna smells like mellow chips.
Tim smells strength and love.
J.T. smells like fun and dryer sheets.
Shellie smells like floral curtains.

Haha. But yeah, the things I remember most are linked to smell. It's crazy!

Life is just so cool.

August 23, 2005

Well, I woke up, then I thought "11:20 is such an unholy hour" so I rolled over and slept till five.

I am so bored!!!!

And there's nothing to eat in this joint besides peanut butter, some bread and pickles. The rest of the food went bad. Including the unmeltable fudge. "Oh, well, our fudge won't melt until it reaches temperatures of 110 degrees and even then it will only get a little mushy." Yeah, somebody lied. I broke down and had a peanut butter sandwich, which I kinda suspect had a bug caught in it but I tried to ignore that. I hate peanut butter sandwiches.

So right now I'm waiting for the mail to get here, and then I'm just counting the hours until tomorrow, yay!! Abby wants me to go camping with her this weekend, I really hope my parents let me, that would be so great. Pleeeease God!!! It's probably not gonna happen though considering how I forgot to call at Warped Tour. Oh well.

Lord, school starts in one day.

Thats just wrong.

Lyrics that fit today: Zuton Fever: The Zutons

You know I get a funny feeling like an epidemic
Running through my head
Know I got that feeling it's the best
Got the Zuton fever in my head
When it's running through my bones
You know I feel just like I'm ten years old
Oh I'm looking younger, nude again
Got the Zuton fever in my head

August 21, 2005

I saw my first was dead by the side of the road.

I just caught a whiff of Tim...

*five minutes later* sorry, got kinda lost in memories there for a second or fifty.

So yeah, I'm back, I'm newly pierced, I bought out Missouri and Arkasas sucks.

And now I'm gonna go unpack.

August 11, 2005

It's my birthday and I'm going to die.

Found that written in a notebook from when I was seven.

What kind of a kid was I?!!??! (am I)

Well, in ten minutes it's off to Leah's!!! Yay!!! And then Missouri!!! Where I will obtain a suprise for me and all of you when I get back!!! YAY!!! My daddy really is the coolest guy.

Wish the lawnmower wasn't so...splodey.

I'm gonna go kamikaze sneeze again.

August 10, 2005

Turn your opinion into a massage chair

Because we all know massage chairs are the most important things in life.

I'm gonna do a new thing...every day is gonna have a song that fits it, along with a bit of the lyrics to explain why.

I just got back from coffee with my mentor, and it was so great!!! She really listened and I loved her stories and we really understand each other. She's a Godsend. And coffee is good!!
And I realized something else...even though I'm going through HS and I'm probably gonna change some, so is Tim, and I don't believe God would have brought us this far to have us change and grow apart. If we do change, we'll still fit each other, in newer and better ways. And Tim said basically that in slightly different words.

So yeah, I'm happy!!!

Song for today: July, July! by The Decemberists

Lyrical Bit:
And how his guts were all suspended in his fingers
And how he held them
How he held them
Held them in
And the water rolls down the drain
Oh what a lonely thing
In a blood-red drain
It never seemed so strange.

August 09, 2005

Where'd that cap go?

Warped tour, 2005...

Best thing was the free/cheap merch.

Worst thing was the fricken crowd surfers.

Best bands: Skindred, Motion City Soundtrack, The Briefs
Worst: All the big bands: MCR, Fall Out Boy, etc...

MCR is much better on CD, when Gerrard isn't jumping around making a fool out of himself and proving just how much of a transparent person he is by saying "fuck" every three seconds.
So thats my rant for today.

Other than the band sucking, we had a really awesome time! Like I said, the merch was super cheap and that made me extremely happy, and all the guys I met made me extremely happy to be with Tim.

Gah, I love that boy so much. He just makes the Earth seem a beter place, a place where I'd actually want to spend my life, all because he's here.
Love does some crazy things, doesn't it?

August 04, 2005

Is it moving? Is it breathing? If it's moving and breathing it's not dead! If it's hopping it's really not dead, it's cheerful!

I am really really dead.

Listen to this...

My first semester as a sophmore looks like this:
HN Geometry
HUM English 10
HUM World History
HN Biology

How stinkin great is that? On top of the fact that I'm trying to get a job, work in violin practice, do playmakers again and I have to keep my grades in the A-B range or I'll have to drop all the stuff I love.

That was the sound of me giving my social life a giant kiss goodbye.
Nice to know ya.

Hope you come to my funeral.

August 03, 2005

Try the couch, I hear poly-cotton blends are deliscious!

If Oprah died, I wouldn't care.

If tabloids died, I'd have a ritual bonfire and dance naked under the stars.

Only Leah would put up with me being that frenzied that long. And I can still taste the Oreo in my mouth from my milkshake. Hummity.

I really like my bag, and I am SO looking forward to this weekend!!!