December 27, 2005

Welcome to the real world.

By the way, I linked to this photo from, if you like this, go there for more great shit. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, goodnight!

December 23, 2005

Still not quite touching the surface

Okay, Emily, YOU SUCK AT 21 QUESTIONS!!!


Oh my God, tomorrow is Christmas eve!!! And presents are popping up all over the house!!! I've counted 8 so far, and they are weird shapes!!! yay!!

I'm gonna go play my violin. Because I think I should. Because I'm freaked out.

December 17, 2005

¿Donde están mis pantalones?

Really man, where ARE my pants?

Ah, lord. It's a week till Christmas. IT'S A FRIGGIN WEEK!!! I am starting to hate Christmas, and here are the reasons why:
  • Christians. They always find something new to complain about around the time they are supposed to be the happiest. And I am one. Gross.
  • Tim. Is driving me CRAZY with his gift hints!!! Ah, I do it to him too, it's the eternal curse of being package shakers.
  • My parents. Being wise to my package shaky-ness and not putting any gifts for me under the tree until the night of, because they know I'll snoop and poke and do all in my power to figure out what it is.
  • White trash. I still have to make 10 bags of it.
  • Piss.
  • That waiting. It never ends!!!
  • I have to go to church on Christmas day (on Christmas day, I cut my own head off my neck on Christmas day in the mooooor-ning)
  • My number one reason...I have nothing to complain about. And Millie without a major crisis to deal with is a very weirded out Millie.

So, yeah...ah, crick in my neck from computer chair that sucks. Oh!! Check out this chair that Whitney and I found today!!! It's so beautiful!!! It's at the top too, in case you didn't notice (yeah right, its kinda hard to miss...)

Last bit...

Of air.

December 16, 2005

Ooooh, another windbreaker with the company logo, that'll help me put my kids through college!

Our power went off...

the computer started beeping.
I turned it off.

Then the smoke alarm went off.

I sat there, waving my cousin's orange shorts at the alarm until it finally died.

I swear, if I get a car with an alarm in it, I
m gonna turn it off...with an axe.

Man, I love the days when we have no school.

It's an explosion!!

(to the horse) "You doing alright buddy?"
(horse) "my name's phillip."

I have it Jim, it's the ultimate insult!


December 15, 2005

I'm alive.




Okay, argh, whoo, needed to get that out there. School is a serious prison. Are you listening kiddies? Don't go. No matter what. Fake sick all year if you have to, just don't go to school. Because it sucks. The life out of you. Liberally. And it is not fun. At all. You might think it's fun, it's like "ohh all my friends and play doh and dissecting worms!" no. Your friends probably suck, play doh makes you constipated and worms are living things that actually smell bad when you cut them open.

Hahahaha, NO SCHOOL!!!!!

Which means no orthodontist appointment either!? I don't know whether or not to be happy about that...I'm kinda looking forward to having them on come January...

And I burn.
Iiiii burn.

Stoke the embers.
Cleanse the spirit
A prayer in every spark
feel the lick of
bad religion
finish in the stars
in the beginning
we were smarter
flame was heaven sent
through the ages
we got stupid
now we must repent

I burn.


December 10, 2005

One million miles away

I take my good intentions
Shove them down your throat
Watch you choke on them and gasp
for the air you won't drink again
I throw my glass heart at you
watch as it shatters against your will
shards piercing, breaking through
slicing the veins that feed
the part of you that attracts my hate
my hate, so hot that I crash
Into anything solid I can reach with my fists
crack them till they bleed purple colored
anger from every tear.

I feel the freedom of chains
orbiting above the Earth of you
I turn and hide, burrowing under
thinking maybe it will bring me closer
closer to my heart
that you took with you that day
when you left and faded
and you you
pulse through me and ignite
OH! I'M ASH!!!
I lean towards you
when I stand I fall
My head aches from the pounding
we've killed so many trees
there aren't enough left in the Earth
for me to write on...
I wish I could write
poetry to sing you to something
a hue of life
all I can write is dead fish
flopping in a stream of emotion
weightless against the pull of everything I feel
I see miniature cities
in spilled water on my sheets
because you opened my eyes to the miniature beauty
and the overwhelming reality
of love that is returned
and doubled
and folded
until we are lost in the creases
just you and I awash
in a labrynith of colors
blue and green and red,
purple, yellow, white, teal,
mango, sunset and organdy.
Rough and abrasive,
Sloughing off the black
thats collected there from all the others
who broke off our wrists
and we had to regrow them
and teach ourselves to write again
and how to hold on again
and our hands are now pure white

because we have no blood left.

December 07, 2005

Okay, I would just like to say, once and for all...

It does not matter if I am male or female, democrat or republican, no matter what color my skin is or how beautiful I am, IT DOES NOT MATTER!!!

All that matters is this one fact...


As a human, I have as much right to anything that you do. I have a right to communicate with anyone I please, to embrace what practices I want to, to sleep with anyone I choose, and you...all you are is another human. You have no power over me and what I choose to include in my short life.

This is for all those of you who seem to enjoy thinking that you're above someone else.

You aren't.

Accept it, cry about it, move on, because no one cares. NO ONE CARES if you're pretty or you're "more intelligent" or if you're just simply an ass.

Get that through your skull and quit bothering the rest of us.