January 14, 2006

"Are you alright?" *breugh...*

It is 1:00.
That means that it is today, which makes tomorrow tomorrow, which makes tomorrow the fifteenth, which makes it the day I have been waiting for for two years. 760 days. 18,240 hours. 1,034,400 minutes. 62,064,000 seconds. 12,376 tears, 2 second guesses, 164 letters, 5 suspense gifts, 7 phone calls and 1...

only one


Through everything. Through all my disfunctionality, imperfection, mutual trust issues and head issues and fear and...and...everything else...
which is a WHOLE LOT of everything else...

We finally made it.

And I know I'm going to cry. I know that, I know that...and I don't care beause I don't want to do anything else. That is all, I want to cry and cry and let him hold me until I stop. I want to tell him all the things I can't stand about my friends and all the craploads of stuff they put me through in school and how I know I'm being dramatic and petty but that's ok because to him, my life is important even though it might not be to anyone else, because he loves me. I want to hear him whisper in my ear again and I want to feel his hands covering mine and this is

All I have ever wanted.

All I will ever need.


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